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Iranian Lawyer Near Me - Nyusha Samiei
Nyusha Samiei Vancouver, British Columbia
Family, Litigation, Divorce
1 month licensed
(604) 568-9444
I am a Lawyer based in Vancouver, practicing Family, Civil Litigation, and Estates law. I provide services in English, French, and Farsi.
Iranian Lawyers Near Me - Shelly Banihashemi
Shelly Banihashemi Markham, Ontario
3 months licensed
(647) 551-2264
I have been practicing family law exclusively since my call to the Bar in 2011. Prior to opening my own practice in 2021, I clerked, articled and subsequently worked as an associate at two prominent boutique family law firms in the GTA. With over 13 years of experience in family law, my practice incorporates all aspects of family law, including separation and divorce, property division, custody and access, child and spousal support, marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements and adoptions. I have experience handling high conflict parenting disputes and complex property and support claims. In law school, I excelled at and received distinction in the areas of alternate dispute resolution and negotiations. In 2015, I completed the requisite training to practice in the Collaborative Family Law process. I have incorporated this aspect of family law into my practice, along with other alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation and arbitration. I recognize that sometimes court is unavoidable. I have advocated for clients at various court levels, including the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice. I believe in a communicative, transparent and client-centered approach. I am committed to achieving the best possible results for my clients. I speak Farsi and welcome Farsi speaking clients. In my nominal spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling and DIY projects. 
Iranian Attorney Near Me - Janya Eighani
Janya Eighani Sydney, New South Wales
Business, Immigration Law, Commercial Real Estate
5 months licensed
(02) 9236 7381
Progressive and dynamic, Lehman Walsh Lawyers is an innovative Law firm formed with the vision of working with businesses and clients that have their eyes set on the future. Our vision is to be a progressive Law firm with a focus on supporting the legal needs of our clients with a progressive and innovative mindset and approach.

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For 2 years my wife and I have been fostering twin boys, age 3 through the Clark County Child Protective Services here in Las Vegas and have always planned on adopting them. The boys’ biological father has not been around the entire time the twins have been with us. We were scheduled to finalize the adoption next month and the father has reappeared and is saying he wants his kids back. He will not consent to the adoption. What chance does he have to fight the adoption if he’s never been a father to the boys, and we are the only family they’ve ever known? The social worker is telling us we may now have to go to a trial to terminate his parental rights. Do we need our own lawyer for that trial?
Adoption San Jose, CA
My daughter’s father and I have shared legal custody. I am Iranian and practice Islam, he is from the U.S. and is a devout catholic. Our religious differences are part of the reason the marriage failed. When my daughter was born I agreed she could be raised Catholic. She is 15 now and wants to convert to Islam and wants to join my mosque. Her father is adamantly opposed to this and says he will take me to court and sue for full custody of her if I allow her to practice Islam or attend mosque. How do I change the custody order so that I have legal custody and the authority to let me daughter change her religion? Is she old enough that her wishes will be considered? Is the fact that she is 15 and is making her own decision to convert to Islam enough to change legal custody?
Child Custody Phoenix, AZ
After 3 years of marriage my wife and I want to divorce. We’ve agreed on all issues, including custody of our daughter, and we are not fighting over anything. We’d like to file for uncontested divorce in Washington, D.C. and get the divorce as soon as possible and without spending alot on legal fees. The clerk at the courthouse told us we needed to file a written agreement stating what we’ve agreed to and what the custody schedule will be for our daughter. Do we have to have a written agreement if we both know what we’ve agreed to and don’t think we need one? Can we get the uncontested divorce without it? If we do need something in writing, can we do it ourselves or do we need a lawyer? We are both Iranian and would prefer an Iranian lawyer if one is necessary.
Uncontested Divorce Washington, DC
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